The word specialist is often used liberally in the professional services industry however it can be inadvertently (and sometimes intentionally) used in a misleading fashion. The problem also extends to words like ‘specialist’, ‘specialty’ and ‘specialises’. Confusion can arise when a practitioner automatically advertises what they are registered in as a specialty.

Authentically Australian Made

Authentically Australian Made Dentures

I offer an unhurried, personalised denture service. My professional goal and passion is for you to look your very best yet only have to deal with one person - the direct denture maker. Me!

I am also passionate that my business, Blaxland Cottage Denture Clinic, bears the "Australian Made" symbol for which the clinic is registered for. (Australia Made Licenced Registration Number 9962) To achieve this I need to ensure that all aspects of manufacturing Dental Denture Appliances are totally 100% Australia involved.



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