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If your dentures have become uncomfortable you should consider having them relined. A denture reline reshapes the denture to make it more comfortable. Relines can be done as “soft relines” or “hard relines". A dental prosthetist can help you decide and then proceed to reline your dentures so that they are good for both you and your gums.

The word specialist is often used liberally in the professional services industry however it can be inadvertently (and sometimes intentionally) used in a misleading fashion. The problem also extends to words like ‘specialist’, ‘specialty’ and ‘specialises’. Confusion can arise when a practitioner automatically advertises what they are registered in as a specialty.

Authentically Australian Made

Authentically Australian Made Dentures

I offer an unhurried, personalised denture service. My professional goal and passion is for you to look your very best yet only have to deal with one person - the direct denture maker. Me!

I am also passionate that my business, Blaxland Cottage Denture Clinic, bears the "Australian Made" symbol for which the clinic is registered for. (Australia Made Licenced Registration Number 9962) To achieve this I need to ensure that all aspects of manufacturing Dental Denture Appliances are totally 100% Australia involved.

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