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Denture Repairs
While dentures are designed for a life-time, disappointing accidents or simple every day utilization can cause concerns that need denture repairs. Dentures can be damaged when dropped or mishandled. Often, the kind of damage they sustain is limited to small chips, cracks, and fissures (though it is possible to snap them). It is important to note that even the most vigilant of patients may accidentally damage their dentures.

Remember to bring all pieces that have broken off yourdentures. Doing this helps you save money and speeds the time it takes to repair them.

Please do not use superglue even if you are desperate. Using superglue is making sure someone has a hard time fixing your dentures. Dentures are like jigsaw puzzles and the dental prosthetist has to join the broken denture pieces together perfectly or they are ruined. Superglue tends to fill the small edges and confuse the issue. Lots of people are joining the pieces out of alignment and they break very soon after doing this.If the denture is ruined you will need a new replacement denture. That is also true in the case of denture repair kits sold at chemists.
At dental dentures we offer an on call fast repair service to help with all desperate denture breakages. A professional dental prosthetist with 33 yrs as a prosthetist is waiting to help you. No need to risk having to have a whole new denture because you tried to DIY.

It is important to make sure you have the repairs done as quickly as possible when damage happens. In fact, emergency dental care is recommended when you have a concern with your dentures

Denture Relines
Those who wear dentures must have felt that they tend to become loose with time because the shape of the gums and bones of the oral cavity tends to change. As a result of which, dentures need to be relined from the internal part located at the base of a denture.

Your gums are shrinking all the time which makes your dentures slip around and even fall out of your mouth.To make dentures hold tighter in your mouth you can have what is called a denture reline which means the dentures are rebased with more acrylic ,to make it fit and stop being troublesome. You have another impression taken using your own dentures.They are then waxed and processed in heat cured plastics and given back with new fitting surfaces.Normally a reline is needed every 2 to 3 yrs and a denture does need to be sighted by a dental prosthetist to make sure your mouth is in a healthy condition as well as checking to see your denture teeth are still performing highly for you. Remember slip, slap and fall – get them fixed soon.

With the help of relining one is saved from the expense of getting a new piece every time the dentures become loose. Since relining will improve the fitting of your dentures, you will not have to worry about dentures falling out or troubling you while you eat. If a denture is not properly fitted, then the chance of food particles trapping increases. Denture relining is a part of dentures repair and cleaning which ensures a healthy and hygienic intake of food for those who wear artificial teeth.

Dental Dentures offers a 1 hour repair service!