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Dentures are not just for seniors


Many people mistakenly assume that dentures are only meant for older patients. While it is true that a majority of patients using dentures are seniors, but in specific situations even a young adult may have to opt for dentures..

Dentures are a traditional prosthetic option for patients who have lost all or most of their teeth in one or both of the jaws. Full or partial dentures may be used in such cases to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the patient's mouth. It is commonly believed that dentures are used only for seniors. Most patients lose a majority of teeth only in the old age, which leads to this impression about dentures. However, the fact is that dentures may have to be used for a younger patient also if he or she has lost all or most of the teeth in the jaw.

However, if the number of teeth that need replacement is very high, dentures may be the only choice left in such cases. Young people may lose most of their teeth in exceptional situations such as periodontal disease or other pathological conditions. If such conditions are left untreated, it may result in extensive tooth decay and gum disease, leading to no other option but to extract the teeth and replace them with dentures.

Serious loss of teeth in young adults may occur due to a number of factors. In some cases it may be related to hereditary conditions, but in a majority of cases it may be the result of extremely poor dental hygiene in childhood, high intake of sugar based products and sodas, poor diet, and extended neglect of dental treatment. If the young patient is unable to afford treatment for several teeth, dentures may be the next best option in such a case because it is relatively more affordable treatment.

Dentures for younger people may also be necessary in exceptional situations where the patient suffers from an acute oral deformity by birth, or due to some accident or disease. Juvenile arthritis may be one of the causes for serious dental issues due to the disease as well as the side effects of medication. It in some cases, it may result in extensive loss of teeth, and the patient may require dentures. Some young patients may also suffer from disruptive demineralization process in the body, which could result in multiple tooth loss.

However, where the condition becomes irreparable, dentures may be the only inevitable option left. one. Clasps and bonding mediums  help to keep the dentures in their place, and the patient can use them more comfortably. It reduces the risk of dentures getting displaced while eating or speaking.

High quality dentures are available from Dental Dentures which provide improved functionality and aesthetics. For older patients functionality is the primary concern, but for younger adults aesthetics is usually an equally important concern. Therefore, the cosmetic dental prosthetist should opt for advanced qualities in dentures for younger and older patients to address the concern of oral aesthetics sufficiently.

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