The Denture Clinic services Blaxland, Penrith, Blue Mountains, St Marys, Springwood, Lithgow, Hawkesbury, Kurrajong, Richmond, Windsor, Glenbrook, Jorden Springs, Hazelbrook, Katoomba, Leura, Mudgee and surrounds.

Workmanship Warranty

12 months warranty is included with all dentures.

Warranty is about craftsmanship and materials. Blaxland Cottage dentures are made in Australia using the highest quality dental materials. By using the best materials in the industry and the latest technical procedures to ensure delivery of the highest quality denture. The main focus is to create a long life denture.

Limitations and Exclusions of the workmanship warranty

To the extent permitted by law, claims are excluded from the workmanship warranty where the defect or loss is or has been caused or contributed by:

  • Improper use of the denture.
  • Failure to comply with manufacturer instructions;
  • Work on the denture (including modifying, moving or relocating any part of the denture, even if temporary) performed by someone other than Frances Blane.

Please note that the normal use of a denture does not include dropping or standing on them!





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