The Denture Clinic services Blaxland, Penrith, Blue Mountains, St Marys, Springwood, Lithgow, Hawkesbury, Kurrajong, Richmond, Windsor, Glenbrook, Jorden Springs, Hazelbrook, Katoomba, Leura, Mudgee and surrounds.

About Me

Frances Balne - Dental DenturesFrances Blane, who owns and operates the independent practice, has a long legacy of happily transforming people’s smiles to her high personal and professional standards.

She reinstates people’s confidence by creating a well functioning and cosmetically pleasing result, always wanting the best for her clients.

A large portion of her practice is from satisfied customers referring their friends and family members to her because of her highly pleasing cosmetic results, well functioning product from her ‘going the extra mile’ attitude.

Originally starting in the Parker Arcade in Penrith CBD in 1980, she established her own independent denture practice dealing only directly with the public, thus the trademark “Direct Dentures” is of her own creation.

In 2003 she saw a perfect new spot in Blaxland for a new beginning. It is the white and green 1928 iconic building at 172 Great Western Highway, Blaxland. She called it the “Blaxland Cottage Clinic”. This is where many of her former patients and the people of the Blue Mountains have been finding her for the last 16 years.

Frances still provides the same high standard of functional and cosmetic dentures and going the extra mile to create a beautiful happy smile!


Denture making is very much a traditional hands on – a very bespoke craft – the art and success of a denture lies in the skill and experience of the person making the dentures – there are also a multitude of personal factors involved ie How deep are the gums?


Dentures that are made using any other technique – scanning etc – do not in my opinion incorporate the finesse of making bespoke dentures.


When we talk about latest technology we are talking about the latest materials in Denture Teeth – German made Nano pearls high abrasive denture teeth, high impact denture base materials  etc. The actual components of the dentures are changing- but it still is in need of a crafts persons skill  and experience- someone that provides a direct face to face service – no middle man – no outsourcing to people anywhere in the world – deal direct with the person making the denture themselves and you will have a very high end product. A product that exceeds your expectations and leaves you smiling and smiling and smiling and HAPPY.


Proud member of the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association Inc.

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