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Top Ten Mistakes People Make When Choosing Dentures

Dentures have a direct effect on your quality of life. They will impact how you eat, what your face and smile looks like, how people see you, and importantly, the comfort of your mouth. It is important that you get your dentures right the first time and you can do this by avoiding the following common mistakes.

1. Cheapest is not always best.

A professional direct denture maker will not rush the process of making your dentures. The dental prosthetist will take time and care to manufacture dentures that will fit well and be comfortable for you to wear and use. They will also provide a correcting service so that your dentures can be adjusted if you find them to be uncomfortable over time.

A budget denture maker may rush you through the process, take your money and might leave you with a denture that is not as good as it could be. The final denture may not fit correctly. The dentures may be over or undersized, the denture may fall out of your mouth, the colour might not be right and they can even break! Your dentures may not line up with correctly with your gums and lips causing discomfort, pain or even cause sores to develop. Furthermore a budget denture maker might only make adjustments after requesting additional payment.

2. On site denture laboratory check 

A good denture clinic will have a denture lab on site so consumers can have their custom dentures made faster than at a clinic where dentures are manufactured off site or ordered from countries overseas where quality and standards may not be very high.

3. Limited denture type options

A professional dentures clinic will offer several types of dentures, including partial dentures and will allow patients to select the quality and look of the dentures that they want at a price within their budget.

4. Missing out on payment plans

A good direct denture maker may accept a range of payment options including Mastercard, VISA, HiCaps, HUMM, MediPay, GUHealth, nib, Bupa, You should be able to talk directly with the dental prosthetist, the person who makes your dentures, and ask questions about payment options.

5. Not allowing for changes to your gums

If you have recently had extractions it may take a while for your gums to heal. A professional denture maker will adjust the fit, make adjustments and add soft-liners to make your denture comfortable to wear on your healing gums.

6. Denture After Care

After taking your payment in full a budget clinic may make revisits difficult. There are many stories of budget clinics who are not interested in any follow up appointments and who experience repeated cancellations and rescheduled, or postponed appointments rescheduled. The denture maker or receptionist may suggest that you are being unreasonable for wanting follow up adjustments!

Correct fitting dentures are very important and follow up appointments should be available quickly and promptly as you do not want to be waiting weeks, with a painful fit, while being unable to eat!

The budget denture clinic might even try to convince you that their dentures are not the problem and suggest that you just try and get used to them! This may force you to glue your dentures in several times per day. Ouch.

7. Quality of Denture Materials

A professional direct denture maker will use the latest technologies in denture making and use very high quality parts. This includes high quality steel and, for example, German made Nano Pearls high abrasive denture teeth.

8. One Size Fits All - No!

Budget denture clinics may issue you with cheap "one size fits all" dentures made overseas! You may end up paying thousands for dentures that the clinic has only paid a few hundred dollars for.

A professional direct denture maker will build your dentures in their on site laboratory. They will be custom made for the shape of your gums and mouth leaving you with the most comfortable dentures you can wear and that will present you with a wonderful smile!

9. Not Choosing The Best Denture Solution

The solution to all the denture problems is to start by going to a experienced well known Direct Denture maker. One that has proven that they can be trusted to do a great job with your dentures. Don’t rush in, don’t go for the cheapest denture, and ask lots of questions!

10. Paying For The Initial Consultation

Your first consultation should be free. This is a chance for you and your dental prosthetist to get to know each other and for your denture needs to be assessed and discussed. You should not be charged for this first consultation when you walk out the door!

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