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partial dentures 

Partial dentures are basically a denture replacing one or more teeth in a dental arch. Individuals may lose one or more teeth due to various reasons and thus partial denture is a substitute for them as it helps in regaining the confidence back and also brings back the smile.

Apart from maintaining the shape of your face, partial dentures also help in preventing the teeth from shifting in your mouth, they also enhances your confidence and also help you in speaking and chewing by supporting and easing your jaws.

Metal partial dentures

Metal or cobalt chrome alloy dentures have superior physical properties and generally occupy less space in the mouth than acrylic dentures. They are stronger, have a greater resistance to fatigue and are less likely to break under normal conditions.

Acrylic partial dentures

Acrylic or plastic base dentures are a quicker solution for partial dentures. They can be used for almost all cases, but are weaker and can fracture more easily due to the forces of chewing; therefore they generally require a thicker and more bulky design.


View a selection of chrome partial denture designs available.


You should not wear your partial denture overnight.