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How to Repair a Denture

denture repairs using superglue

You have just broken your denture teeth and you want to know how to fix them!

The two main options are:

1. Get some superglue or something else and glue them.

2. Find a denture maker that offers an emergency repair service.

(Frances Blane here at Dental Dentures offers a one hour emergency denture repair service)


Option 1 is not a good idea as glue can get on your hands and stick to the teeth! If you do manage to get them glued will they be perfectly aligned in the correct position? It is also well known that the bond will not last and the denture/teeth will come apart when you least expect them to i.e. when you are eating a soft boiled egg or a piece of cheese cake! Of course you might also swallow a piece of something!

Option 2 is the much better plan! Some Denture Makers like myself can get you going and all fixed up within an hour. I will also be able to work out why the break happened in the first place and work with you on this to pevent it re-occuring. So my advice is to take your broken denture to a professional and let them worry about it - so much less stress and if your denture maker offers a one hour emergency denture repair service you will be smiling again in a very short time.