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Authentically Australian Made

Authentically Australian Made Dentures

I offer an unhurried, personalised denture service. My professional goal and passion is for you to look your very best yet only have to deal with one person - the direct denture maker. Me!

I am also passionate that my business, Blaxland Cottage Denture Clinic, bears the "Australian Made" symbol for which the clinic is registered for. (Australia Made Licenced Registration Number 9962) To achieve this I need to ensure that all aspects of manufacturing Dental Denture Appliances are totally 100% Australia involved.

I am proud to say that I personally do all of the work involved in making the acrylic dentures. All chrome metal dentures are authentically Australian made with a registered 100% compliance certificate.

As a dental prosthetist I like to think of myself as having the same mindset as a fine artist. As part of my duty of care and to maintain my high standards I insist that I am the only person that creates your smile. I do not use assistants or trainees and at any time my patients can check in on the progress of their dentures by sighting them as they are being created at my Denture Clinic/Laboratory.

This all means that you can smile with confidence! You are getting the best denture service/product that I can produce.

I also provide Emergency Denture Services including Denture Repairs in One Hour as a community service so that my clients can return to their normal lives very quickly should their dentures become damaged.

Contact me any time to discuss how I can help out or if you have any questions about my high quality Australian made dentures!

Frances Blane

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