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Soft Denture Relines

If your dentures have become uncomfortable you should consider having them relined. A denture reline reshapes the denture to make it more comfortable. Relines can be done as “soft relines” or “hard relines". A dental prosthetist can help you decide and then proceed to reline your dentures so that they are good for both you and your gums.


Denture Shrinkage

The reason that dentures become uncomfortable over time is usually due to the shrinkage that occurs about three months after extractions. The changes to the shape of the mouth will cause your denture to become increasingly uncomfortable over time. A soft denture reline is usually the best solution in this situation.

Soft Reline

A soft reline is particularly good for older denture wearers because the lower gums become flat and fragile and a hard denture reline can often feel unbearable. This discomfort is exacerbated when eating hard or even medium hard foods.

Soft relines are generally the best option for for anyone wearing dentures because they are more comfortable. This is also true for new denture wearers with bone shrinkage still taking place and even where gums are just simply sensitive to the new denture. A soft reline put into the denture adds depth and cushioning. It’s a relatively easy procedure for an experienced dental prosthetist and a great, comfortable fit is achieved

The main disadvantage of the typical soft reline is how fast it will disintegrate. The reline can wear out in weeks and can often taste disgusting. However soft relines done at Blaxland Cottage Denture Clinic have a long life due to being processed-cooked in an expert manner. Our relines also have a pleasant taste and can last for years!

Soft denture relining is a great denture solution for when your dentures become uncomfortable or are giving you trouble.

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