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Below are some denture questions submitted from people all over the world. To protect their privacy their full name has been converted to their christian name initials.

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1. Is possible to have an upper denture made of metal frame + resin?
2. What's the roughly price range for an upper denture made of metal frame + resin? and how much if an upper denture only made of resin only?
3. How many years can normally an upper denture made of metal frame + resin be used? and how long can normally an upper denture made of resin be used?

G - UK

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Is it realistically possible to eat socially with a full lower denture or are implants the only option?

K - NZ

Hi, just looking for a general price of getting immediate dentures. Just looking at the top teeth at the moment, but will probably need to have teeth extracted under general anathesia, over the years my teeth have pretty much fallen out and there are only roots left (although my gums haven't sealed over them yet. If i can get an approx cost, I can plan from there and start making appointments.

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