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 immediate dentures

If there is a need for a quick replacement after your teeth extraction, immediate dentures are the best solution.

Immediate dentures are often referred to as temporary dentures, and are actually constructed before the extraction of the natural teeth. They are then inserted immediately after extraction.

What are immediate dentures used for?

Immediate dentures act as a temporary denture arrangement until your gums have settled and they are ready for a new set of permanent, traditional dentures. Also, post-extraction your gums will be changing shape and you will find the stability most affected until they settle down, and immediate dentures are the ideal solution in this case.

Experience counts

Immediate dentures can sometimes be very painful as tissues and bone are traumatised from dental extractions. You will find your dentures may need to be adjusted several times until they are comfortable, and that's where our expertise and experience helps to make them as comfortable as possible and minimise any pain or discomfort.

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