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What Is A Dental Prosthetist

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A Dental Prosthetist (DP) is a qualified and skilled member of the dental profession?

They are the  Denture professionals and as such are the only registered health providers  specifically trained to  construct, fit and maintain denture and all other professional denture care service.

All DP’s are required to be qualified as dental technicians before becoming eligible to be trained as  dental prosthetist so they all have the abil ity to actually construct your denture.

What are the benefits to me?

Referrals from dentist or doctors are not necessary, but are welcome. By direct consultation, your  DP will provide and fit your dentures or sporting mouth guards. Your DP will also mainta in, repair  and reline dentures as required in direct consultation with you.

Your DP, will personally consult, advise and assist you in all relevant aspects of your treatment and where necessary can consult and liaise with referring practitioners such as your GP, Dentist or Dental  specialist.

Will they save me time?

Your DP is the one who personally constructs your dentures, so there is no middle man to deal with.

Every mouth unique and requires personalized attention to enable denture design that will suit your  individual situation.

Small details, such as the little space you may require between the front teeth or the position of a particular tooth, are not lost in translation to another person.

When do I need a Dental Prosthetist (DP)?

Dentures, like natural teeth, need regular care and maintenance. You should make an appointment to consult your DP if your present dentures are either more than two years old or are causing you  any discomfort.

Your DP will have an initial consultation at which an informed assessment and an estimate of cost  required will be presented to you. Dentures must be assessed yearly to ensure proper function and  satisfactory health of your mouth.

How important are dentures to my health?

The digestive system begins in the mouth. We all known that teeth are of that digestive system as  well as the saliva we are supposed to mix with our food in order to dilute our gastric juices.

Unless we have all of our teeth or a denture substitute it is extremely difficult to mix enough salvia with our food.

Can I claim from Health Fund?

DP’s are registered health care providers and as such  are acknowledged as providers of the denture  service by every Health Fund in Australia. You can claim a rebate from your Health Fund for most  services of a DP.

It is advisable to check the amount of your rebate with your health fund before commencing your  treatment. Many DP’s now offer the convenience of direct debit electronic Health Fund claims for  their patients.

Many DP’s are also providers for Department of Veteran Affairs, Medicare or State Denture Schemes. Check with your DP when you make your booking.

What other services do DP’s provide?

Denture professionals are also skilled at providing custom fitted mouth guards to protect your most valuable as set, your child and their natural teeth, as they enjoy their sport. Many parents are not  aware that the cost of the mouth guard can be claimed from their Health Fund.

As an integral part of the dental team, many DP’s now practice in conjunction with a dentist or  dental specialist, so are able to provide access to the full range of dental services including implants  for dentures and immediate dentures. Your DP will refer to the appropriate team member as  required so you can be confident when you place your trust in a DP


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