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Dentures Penrith

False Teeth Dentures Penrith and Blue Mountains

False teeth are known by many names – some names are old fashioned and some names are modern.

 Let's start with the old fashioned terms...

1. False Teeth

False Teeth not a flattering term but a very common term that’s known by millions of denture wearers. First used when the dental industry was in its infancy and dental products were very basic. The teeth used on  dentures of that time were not often made with great skill and artistic leanings. The quality of teeth was lifeless and had a definite look of "false teeth". The plastic gum was of a colour that was not really lifelike.  Everything about "false teeth" was artificial looking and was not a good look; they looked like False Teeth!!

2. Dental Plates / False Plates

A term used by millions of Dental Plate wearers who don’t like to say False Teeth and prefer the term Dental Plates because it sounds better than False Teeth! Dental Plates and False Plates are the more common terms used in times gone by

3. False Choppers

A term that describes something that chops! The term clearly invented by people who like to use humorous names to describe things. False Teeth, Dental Plates, False Plates and False Choppers are all older terms used when the denture industry was young and denture products were poorly made. A time when artistic sophistication was yet to be explored. In the beginning Dentures had a bad name however the good news is that well made dentures no long look like False Teeth particularly when custom made by a dental prosthetist.

4. Dentures

Dentures is the modern term for Dental/Denture Appliances. Today "False Teeth" look very lifelike and are technically advanced in durability. With the maturity of the dental industry and denture technology, dental prosthetist's can produce very natural looking dentures that look like your teeth and nothing like False Teeth!

I can promise that your new dentures will look natural and that few people, if anyone, will know that you are wearing dentures. 

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