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Soft Lined Comfort Dentures

Frances Blane at Blaxland Cottage Denture Clinic is proud to announce state of the art custom made denture comfort liners.

One no longer needs to suffer with uncomfortable dentures or modify one's diet because of soreness.

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Comfortable Denture Liners That Last

Blaxland Cottage Comfort Liners are made from very high quality material which is then expertly processed and treated so that they have long life.

Most soft liners are instant - they fall to pieces after a short time, sometimes weeks! They are really only a temporary fix for soreness and not for long term use.

Using modern techniques and materials our soft liners are processed in a way that last years! We will also teach you how to look after them so that in many cases you can get up to five years use.

Frances Blane is an expert on soft liners. It is a time consuming task however the results are well worth it.

Sore Gums and Irritation A Thing of the Past

Dentures can be uncomfortable however these comfort liners will make your existing or new dentures much more comfortable.

Frances has mastered denture soft lining techniques and invested in high quality materials and tools resulting in a custom made soft lining that has longevity and durability.

With these liners you can start eating tougher foods again - the lining acts like a shock absorber for when you are chewing harder foods.

Consider a soft lining instead of a hard lining if you have sensitive teeth and would like to eat a wider range of foods. Sore gums from hard dentures, sensitive gums, irritation and a sore mouth can be a thing of the past.

Contact us now if your dentures are uncomfortable!