Emergency Denture Repair for Jack from Penrith

I had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Jack* from Penrith this week. He called after finding my number on the website (thank you webmaster).

Jack explained that his dentures had unfortunately broken 30 minutes before and that he was in urgent need of my emergency denture repair in one hour service!


Jack said that his daughter was being married the following day in Penrith and with everything else carefully prepared Jack was distraught as he had to walk his daughter down the aisle in 18 hours time. After a few questions I was able to assure Jack that we could have everything right for the big day.

After a ten minute drive from Penrith to the Blaxland Cottage Denture Clinic Jack handed me a full denture that had split down the middle into two pieces.

After a 40 minute wait Jack was back on his way to Penrith with a big smile on his face all ready to face the big day!

If you require an emergency denture repair or denture cleaning call now on 02 4739 0885

*(name changed for privacy)