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G - UK

This is an email from someone in the UK. Their initial question led to two more emails back and forth to solve the problem. Click on Continue Reading to view the other two emails and final solution.

Is it realistically possible to eat socially with a full lower denture or are implants the only option?

Dear G
Dentures only fail about 5 % of population
Or the clinical dental technicians part or the patients part
I have made lower dentures for 34 years and only have had problems
With 5 patients - have made thousands with success
Hope this helps

Email enquiry from G - UK

Dear Frances
I have real problems eating with my full lower denture which means going out to dinner with friends is a nightmare. If I have a new denture made will it solve the problem and if so please can you recommend a practice in the UK to make it.
Many thanks

G I do not recommend – its not ethical
You are not saying if you have your own teeth on the top
You are not saying much about your problem ??
What are the problems ??
Is it an old denture ? who made it ??
What happens when you chew ??
Has someone talked to you about things ??

Third and final email from G - UK

Frances - I have a full top denture which I am very comfortable with. My bottom denture I have had for some years and 6 weeks ago I had my last 3 lower frontal teeth removed and replacements added to it. Since then the denture has been pretty hopeless and can only be held in place with copious amounts of adhesive - then when I eat anything other than soft foods it very quickly comes adrift again. I should also add that this denture had previously snapped in two at least 3 times and been repaired over the last 3 years or so. All my dental work has been on the NHS. I am being offered implants from - but I have reservations about this procedure and it is expensive. I am 71 years old and I feel that maybe a new state of the art denture could be a better solution.
Many thanks Frances
G - UK

Hi G - UK
There lies your problem
Yes you need new top and bottom dentures
Your old dentures are not balanced !!!
Full upper made to your own lower teeth means they do not work !!
Full upper and full lower are made more in unison ie  set on a flat plane so they glide with each other
G find a clinical dental technician near you
Ask them the price of a very balanced long lasting full upper and full lower dentures made of high impact base plastic and long lasting denture teeth
Also make sure they are experienced !! Check them out and ask lots of questions .Move on if they are not helpful  get a few quotes –  go to the direct denture makers
If you have a strong denture made (high impact material ) if you want implants later you can ad them ( use the new dentures )
I think if you find a person who will go the extra mile for you – you will be more than happy
Ps G there is a new skill needed to manage dentures without wires to help keep them in place
Get them to teach you about the mechanics of full dentures – its easy once you know

Frances  ps your gums are shrinking where your teeth were removed recently ( wait at least 6 months for new set )
Plenty of time to sort things out

Hi Frances
I am very happy & grateful for your advice and I have decided to go the route of new dentures instead of implants.
I will let you know how things turn out in due course.
Thank you so much
G - UK


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