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What a pleasant change to come across somebody who really cares about your needs!

I was in need of new dentures and went to see Frances for a consult, it didn’t take long for me to recognise her devotion to her profession and her amazing knowledge.

I’d had dentures previously but always found them uncomfortable, irritating and hard to get used to. Frances was understanding to my needs and on completion of my new dentures. I could not be happier. My dentures actually fit properly and feel good, no more discomfort or irritation. Pricing was really reasonable. Thank you Frances!!

Marion - 17 March 2021

Frances Blane provides incredible service. She is a gifted practitioner who is informative, kind and sensitive. Her work is beautifully crafted and I am so happy with the results! I thoroughly recommend her services.

JW - 14 March 2021

My experience was wonderful with Frances.Her experience in the field is obvious and most appreciated !!!.I am a very happy client her work is second to none and her promptness equally superior. Book an appointment now...Excellent Experience

Pat - 22 Aug 2020

I found frances very nice. She also explained everything about my new dentures and how they work with my bite. I will be telling everybody about her.

J - 18 Sep 2020

Cleaning my upper dentures in the bathroom I dropped them cracking the front tooth. Frances does on call repairs so I took it to Frances she said come in straight away. Frances fixed my top dentures in the hour and what a great job very happy customer. I would recommend everyone to go to Frances for a quick and easy denture repair.

Kristine - 27 Feb 2020

Every visit has been great. Have top and bottom both are extremely comfortable. Both have been repaired the first was when I left the top one on the table and my dog decided to crunch on them they were in pieces and Frances repaired them perfectly. Then I dropped the bottom on concrete and they broke in half once again fixed to perfection. My dentist was very impressed with the work Frances did when I visited for my regular checkup. I travel 2 hours to see Frances

Rosemary - 27 Feb 2020

My husband and I would not consider going anywhere else to get our dentures made the quality and comfort is great. I have had comments made by dentists on how well the dentures are made. I have recommended the service to many people. Its good value for money.

Kathleen - 19 Aug 2019

I have had products twice before by other clinics but I have not had the service like Blaxland Cottage Denture Clinic. If I had a problem with my product it was fixed straight away. I would recommend Frances Blane of Blaxland Cottage Denture Clinic for service and satisfaction.

Mary - 10 Apr 2019

From the initial impression to the final moment I received a professional, caring & comforting feeling. At all times Frances kept me involved with all proceedings especially with the selection of the product. The proof for me was my friends noting how good they looked and seeing me again with my smiling face.

Henry - 05 Apr 2019

My experience with frances blane was I must say very professional frances will treat you as a human being. She did her work with compassion and caring for me, she will look after you for your needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

George - 03 Apr 2019

Not scary at all. Down to earth like old fashioned cooking, so relaxed and the product fit extremely well. recommended!!

Brian - 11 Oct 2018

Very professional
Good communication skills
Pleasant experience compared to others I have experienced
I would recommend Frances to anyone

Marie - 19 Sep 2018

Oh Frances thank you again for the service I am so happy I would recommend anyone to see Frances, she really knows what she's doing & really cares how you feel.

Kristine - 31 Jul 2018

After 5 different businesses with no success - I then went to Frances Blane Blaxland Cottage Denture Clinic and found the perfect product - so I am happy to drive for 3 hours. Frances is a true artist has the art of perfection also the perfect smile.

Olive - 15 Jul 2018

I can highly recommend Frances, a true master of her profession.
Thank you very very much Frances.

Barrie - 01 Jul 2018

I found FRANCES BLANE to be very professional in her knowledge and work needing to be done.
Frances listened to me and observed
I am confident in recommending Frances to others.

Kathleen - 31 May 2018

When Frances explained what she wanted to do for me and the product it all made sense. My instant feeling was one of trust and she has not let me down. I'd have to say the work done is for me PERFECT.

- 06 Mar 2018

I found with my experience Frances is very professional. She is very caring also very thorough. My new product I am very happy with it and Frances has taken great care. I have recommended 3 people to her.

Judith - 16 Feb 2018

Very caring and kind good advice and understanding my problem and being respectful to me.the long distance I had to travel is worthwhile to get a professional job that I required
thankyou Frances

Bernice - 31 Jan 2018

Exceptional service, Frances provides totally flexible design service. Careful after sales service ensured a great experience.

Colin - 24 Jan 2018

Frances made the best fitting product I have ever had
thankyou Frances

Val - 04 Dec 2017

My grandma insists on using this clinic as she says she has never had service like it.

Nathan - 21 Jan 2018

Loved the outcome of my product quick service good materials used I am very happy with my new smile from Frances

Mary - 05 Nov 2017

Explained how they work. Proper care of product, service is good.

Elsie - 05 Nov 2017

The workmanship in producing the product is first class, every part of the process is explained in depth, and once you collect the product a follow up is conveined to ensure everything has settled in ok and the product is performing to the maximum. I am very pleased with the service and the end result.

Harry - 05 Nov 2017

Frances provides a caring, knowledgeable and professional service. She is always accessible and welcoming. The product she has provided over the years have been close fitting and comfortable.. I would and do HIGHLY recommend her practice.

Marie - 25 Jul 2017

Blaxland Cottage Denture Clinic was great in every way. Everything was explained in detail as well as in a way that I understood. The product is amazing and I am very happy. Frances is very friendly and always willing to answer any questions I had

Stevie - 27 Jun 2017

This is the 2nd set Frances has made for me over 14 years. I wouldn,t have gone anywhere else. The product look so natural and the fit is so good I can eat anything.

Beverly - 10 Apr 2017

Such a Friendly kind & caring service from Frances Blane. I could not recommend her highly enough!
She is willing to listen to her clients & advise accordingly.

Kate - 10 Feb 2017

My overall experience with Frances was excellent. Very happy with end result.

Peter - 08 Feb 2017

I have just had a new product made and I am very happy with the work Frances Blane from Blaxland Cottage Dentures Denture Clinic has done and I would recommend her to anyone.

Peter - 27 Jan 2017

I dropped in to see Frances Blane for a quick repair. This service was very quick and courteous. I would be happy to recommend Frances!

Guy - 26 Jan 2017



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